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can u get high off tylenol extra strength
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Tylenol and high blood pressure. Does tylenol bring down high blood pressure? What is better tylenol or advil when you have high blood pressure? Tylenol for high .

No. It can kill you, though. When you take a high dosage of Tylenol, your liver cannot process it, and therefore shuts down. The antidote is called Mucamyst, and the .

im looking for an answer to this as well. if you snort it will it harm you or effect you in a different way or just hit you harder and faster?

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How much tyleno 3's does it take to overdose. Tylenol liver failure. What happens when you snort tylenol. Tylenol 111 ingredients. Tylenol and exxon case studies.

Can u sniff tylenol. Can you get high if you crush up tylenol and can u get high off tylenol extra strength snort it? ChaCha Answer: No you can't it will just make you feel sick.. U.S. Government; Wars .

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Drug overdose is an accidental or intentional use of medicine or drug in an amount higher than what should normally be used or is prescribed by the doctor.

Don`t ever do that. You cannot achieve a true "high" off of Tylenol, and even if you could, it wouldn`t be worth it. You would likely overdose and end up in the .

Can you overdose or get a high off of Motrin ib? ChaCha Answer: You can overdose or become can u get high off tylenol extra strength addicted if you take too many. As far as g.

Best Answer: Any more than one tylenol per 6 hours is going to damage your liver. "Getting high" is just how you feel when a portion of your brain is getting damaged .

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